Tripleshot Women’s Clinic – Week 3

Beginning Racing!  Wahoo!  On bicycles!  Oh, yeah!  Exercising drafting and paceline skills!  Zowie!  At Western Speedway!!!


I was floored the first time I went out there to watch some racing.  Grown men racing bicycles in skin-tight, baby-blue argyle really clashes with the asphalt, advertisements, oil, and testosterone-soaked atmosphere at the Speedway.  But you get used to these things. The owners of the facility are really supportive of non-motorized use and it is a great place to learn how to race bicycles.  Relatively flat, relatively smooth (corner 3 is a bit of an adventure), no sharp corners to worry about.   Continue reading

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7 Trails to Run Before You Die (on Vancouver Island): 1. Gowlland Todd

I’ve just found this wonderful series of great trail runs on the south island… great reading and some inspiration for when I want something different from a steady diet of Thetis and Elk/Beaver.


debrunLast week, I stumbled upon this post on After browsing through a few, I decided that the trails I run regularly in Victoria could definitely give those suggestions a run for their money. I mean, how many places in the world have this many well-maintained, amazing and beautiful trails, all within an hours drive of the capital city? Probably not too many. And I’m sure there are many other spectacular trails that can rival these (Inca Trail, anyone?), but for accessibility’s sake, I’d take my moss-covered, root-entangled, winding west coast trails over almost-urban gravel trails any day.

My criteria for the best trails to run: Everyone has their own preference when it comes to trails — some like them to be hilly, others don’t. Some prefer roots and rocks, others feel they are too clumsy to navigate that kind of terrain and might prefer flat chip trails. I think…

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Tripleshot Women’s Clinic – Week 2


Relaxed and Ready

Glorious sunshine streamed through Beacon Hill Park, setting blossoms alight as the sun sank into the west… and our intrepid clinic participants were back for another round.  And round, and round, and round, for tonight was Drafting and Pacelines on the one-mile oval at the south end of the park.  Circle Drive follows the path of an old horse race track in the park (the Friends of Beacon Hill Park would have an aneurysm if something so very … commercial … (shudder) were to take place today) and is perfect training grounds, as it’s a series of right hand turns that make it easy to slip alongside traffic. Continue reading

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There are no words.  Prayers and peace to all affected by this appalling act.

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Tripleshot Women’s Clinic – Week 1

I am one of a team of ride leaders helping out with the second annual Tripleshot Cycling Women’s Group Riding and Racing Skills clinic. We come from all over the cycling world and many of the team are very, very impressive: the cycling resumes that came out during our introductions painted a picture of a group of women ranging from 17 years old to [just never you mind]; national and provincial team members; and representation from all kinds of cycling, including mountain, road, and the track. And then, there’s me, the token triathlete. “Hey, Kate: how many triathletes does it take to screw in a light bulb? What? You can’t tell me until you find a carbon fibre ladder and check with your coach? Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!” (sigh)

Anyway, our Grand Poobah, Jen Erlendson, has asked me to write up the clinics as we go, saying she’d like my “on the ground, leader perspective.” Now, I have to say I didn’t spend that much time on the ground Monday night and had kind of hoped she wasn’t looking when I toppled. Oh, well. Continue reading

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Bless me, Barry, for I have sinned.  It has been a really, really long time since my last confession.  These are my sins:

Vanity – I entered your race, the Barry’s Roubaix, thinking I was really hot stuff.  I assumed my triathlon glories, last spotted over six months ago, since when I have trained precious little, would translate to instant road racing success.  I allowed my pride to be inflated by hearing the flattery of others who told me I could certainly handle Cat 3/4 Women.  I discounted the presence of hungry Canada Games contenders.  Finally, when I got my ass handed to me on a platter and dropped first by the lead group, then the chase group, the stragglers, and the incumbent lanterne rouge, I was so mortified by my DFL position that I took a DNF before the 12-year-old boys caught me, and walked off the course without completing the race.

Continue reading

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Bicycle Poetry

Bicycle Poetry

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